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Welcome to Rapture Leather. We are proud to offer the finest in leather floggers, cuffs, collars and bondage gear hand crafted by Rapture himself. With more than ten years experience, Rapture continues to hone his craft while advancing and perfecting the designs of his products.

By combining the use of the finest available leathers and un-paralleled workmanship, Rapture's products will be the best you can own. Our lifetime guarantee is our commitment to you.

Cat-O-Nine Flogger


Cat-O-Nine Flogger


This is a must have piece for any complete toy bag. Nine impeccably braided leather strands in either suede or leather provide an unmistakable feeling strike each and every time. The tails are approximately 17 inches long and can be solid color or multi-colored.

There are three different floggers in this style that I would like that can be chosen from, Suede, Deer Tanned, and Patent. All three will be in solid black.


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