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Welcome to Rapture Leather. Simply the finest BDSM and Leather equipment you will ever own.

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Welcome To Rapture Leather

Rapture Leather is proud to offer the finest in leather items crafted by Rapture himself with the skill and passion he has mastered over his years of creating and using them. He continues to hone his craft by advancing the designs of his products. Some are by the request of his clients (please note the Rubber Flogger requested by a vegan client) or by the needs of the clientele when they express certain medical issues.

Rapture Leather offers top quality leather floggers, cuffs, collars, and more at reasonable prices. We will always give quality customer service and the highest quality products. Your leather items from Rapture Leather are made from only the finest available leather and hardware. Rapture Leather stands behind all his work for life for workmanship, giving you peace of mind. These are just some of the reasons Rapture Leather products are word-of-mouth, hands-down the best of the best!

So please take your time and browse the entire product line time and time again. If you don't see exactly what you are looking for, please ask. We most definitely do special orders! Feel free to drop any questions or comments to

New Products For April

Luxuious Single Ring Collar
Simple in style and fabulously comfortable. Our garment leather lined collar adorned with a single loop and ring gives you the ability to leash lead with style. Select your colors and size...
Triple Ring Medallion Collar
Our sophisticate base collar, adorned with your choice of medallions along with three loop and rings to maximize the possibilty for leash attachments. Standard with a locking buckle and...
Double Ring Medallion Collar
Yet another leashable, classy collar. This beauty has your choice of medallions available and is highlighted by loop and rings on either side. Of course, a lockable buckle is standard. Base...

Single Ring Medallion Collar
Very much a favorite selection of our customers, the single loop and ring sits below your choice of medallions. Your choice of color, size, and medallions can be made below. Lockable buckle...
Discreet Medallion Collar
Our fine sophisticate line collar, adorned simply with the medallion of your choice. No rings on this collar make it suitable for wear anywhere, regardless of the amount of discretion you may...
Rubber Ball and Leather Ring Gag Set
This could be the last ball gag set you ever need! Made using a high quality rubber ball as the base piece, the gag is attached to a leather strap set which includes a detachable feature. Simply...

Rubber Ball Gag
The same as our ball gag set, simply without the ring assembly. Your ball gag will still be detachable for ease of cleaning and still features a lockable buckle and durable leather strap....
Patent Leather Revenge Flogger
A new and highly popular addition to our catalog is this beauty! Shiny and sleek looking, but with more bite than any piece we offer. Just as with the Rapture's Revenge, this flogger has 80...
Rose Flogger
This is a truly exquisite piece We are very proud to reintroduce the rose flogger to our array of floggers. The handle is a wider handle than all our other floggers with a diameter just...

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